Ted has a true love for winemaking. After many years of making wine for other large wineries, Ted developed a relationship with the climate and soils of Coombsville. PRIME is a result of focusing on this special area of Napa Valley. His desire is to show the unique characteristics that come from making wine out of Coombsville.

Ted Henry, Winemaker


tedTed arrived at UC Davis undeclared (aka no direction). One introductory to winemaking class later and he became one of the only people around him who knew what he wanted to do and was having fun doing it. Upon graduation, Ted worked at Trinchero Family Estates enjoying the art of making fine wine with a large budget. Later while taking on the role of winemaker at Jarvis, he found a whole new world of winemaking philosophy's and techniques, including the pleasure of working on a much smaller scale but much bigger vision. Now Ted is the winemaker at Clos du Val and enjoying a winery with rich history and plenty of room to keep growing as they turn to making estate wines. Ted enjoys his work on PRIME where he can develop his small lots from the vineyards he has grown to love over the years. During the slow season Ted continues to work with his dad renovating the first car he ever owned, a 68 Camaro.


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