Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A toast to 2011...

A huge thanks to all the supporters of PRIME Napa Valley's efforts over the last year.  2010 was a terrific year for us.  The wines received some great press that turned into quite a few new customers.  The best part of the job is getting to meet the people that love the wines.  It is all of you that have shown so much excitement over the  last year that make us want to do even better in 2011.

Speaking of New Years: Everyone seems to do a "best of" list to hit the highlights of the outgoing year.  I never expected to make any of those so I assure you it was a pleasant surprise to come in at #8 at senelwine.com's top 10 wines of the year list!  Check out what he has to say about the 2008 District 4 Chardonnay by clicking here.  My favorite quote: "Move over Sbragia, there's a new Chardonnay ace in town" 

(for those under-informed on wine trivia: Sbragia=Ed Sbragia, famous longtime Beringer winemaker.)