Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wine labels: Paper vs Silk Screen

Monvera is company out of Ikeaville Emeryville, CA that produces some really cool "glass decor" as they call it.  They just started a beautiful bottle of the week series of videos and PRIME made it to episode #3!  Monvera is a great company with great people and we're excited that they picked our Midoriya Hills Cab for their video series.                                                                                                                                                                     

Obviously, since they are in the business of selling alternatives to paper labels they tend to have an anti-paper bias.  In the video you see our regular label as well as the screen print that Monvera did for us. Apparently more than 99% of wines in the market have paper labels so the screen print is somewhat unusual.
                                                                                                                                                                   It got me thinking, should PRIME go paperless?  I like the look on our "Reserve" wines but is it worth the extra $? Is there something to be said for the traditional appeal of paper? I'm not sure myself but we're always open to suggestions.  As in: comment please, what labels type do you like best traditional paper or fancy screen print?  Thanks!


James said...

Full Disclosure: I work for Monvera Glass Décor. Thanks a lot for the kind words, Ted!

It's true that we definitely have an interest in seeing wines go paperless - and you can tell from the video that we think your screen printed bottle looks stunning. We think there are a lot of compelling reasons for wineries to make the transition - particularly if a label can be screen printed with little or no modification to the overall design (like the Prime label.)

We see a shameful number of paper labels on store shelves looking pretty chewed up. Paper labels are fairly susceptible to damage. (Scissors beat paper, for instance. I have no idea how paper beats rock. . . . ;) But even if you TRY to damage a screen printed bottle with scissors, knives, car keys, OR rocks, you're in for a workout with no guarantee of success. We think that kind of brand durability is reassurance that goes a long way.

And of course, the fact that there aren't a lot of screen printed labels out there means your package will automatically stand-out from the rest.

But perhaps our #1 reason for you to go paperless, Ted, is that we just love working with Prime Cellars! Keep 'em coming!

Ted said...

Thanks James, you are right about the damage angle. I've never seen a scraped up screen print.

One comment I got that didn't make it on the blog was a collector that likes to save the labels of memorable wines he drinks. I guess a picture would achieve the same?

Thanks for commenting!