Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where to go in South Lake Tahoe

Other than the Red Hut's famous biscuits and gravy there are few options when it comes to dining on the South shore of the lake.  I guess the $2 dog and a draft at Bill's Casino could count but I mean fine dining like the special occasion, memorable kind.

Locals probably won't tell you because it only has 7 tables but Cafe Fiore is the best and one of the most popular restaurants in Tahoe.  Nick, the owner, is a super nice guy and the staff all seem like they love working there.  Make a reservation well in advance, order the swordfish special and ask for the PRIME on the wine list.  Its an honor to have our wine in the South Lake Tahoe's #1 restaurant.

(my aerial shot via Boeing 737 mounted iPhone)

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