Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quick Cork Question...

This month I've been dealing with the cork companies.  Mostly getting samples, discussing price, and most importantly, asking what they are doing to reduce cork taint.  

They all have their methods and technologies and they all claim to be the company that done the most to eliminate TCA.  I've seen the numbers, and the graphs, and the presentations.

What I really want to know is :  What is the incidence of corked bottles in the market today?  

Gary Vaynerchu(c)k says its 1 in 2500.  I strongly disagree. Please leave a comment on your corked wine experience.  I figure 1 in 60 for me.

( I know, I know...let's leave the screwcaps out of the equation) 


Monday, April 20, 2009

Fire and Ice

Well, actually that should be ice and fire.  It was really cold in Napa last week.  I believe there were five days in a row of freezing temperatures.  Now it is pushing 94 and really hot.  

The last post showed a Cab Franc bud coming to life.  Now look at him : (top photo 4/16/09)

The tissues in the plant freeze causing the cells to explode.  It sort of looks burned and wilted.

Here he is today (pic on the bottom) after a couple of really nice sunny days:

Not nearly as much damage as I expected.  A few little dead leaves but I think he'll be alright.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vines come to life

It started about three weeks ago. The twisted stumps that appeared all but dead sprung back to life.

It is really amazing what's in each little bud that starts swelling when the weather warms in March.

All compacted in that bud is the entire year's growth. All the shoots, leaves, grape clusters, tendrils, everything. Even stranger, the following year's buds are there too. Its quite the complex structure really.

Here is Mr. Cabernet Franc with a pic taken every three days to show how these microscopic plants appear and start to telescope out just like clockwork, year in and year out.