Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wax or no?

I read Steve Heimoff's blog about "wax" seals on wine bottles with much interest.  I use this method for some of the wines at Jarvis and really like the look.  Today I opened thirty or so "wax" sealed bottles myself and I must agree it is not that easy to do.  The quotes around wax are there because the "wax" contains no wax and is really plastic.  It is fairly easy to apply by hand and looks really good but is it worth it?  

I think it is.  First, it has to be applied by hand by someone that takes a lot of care to make it look good.  This hand crafted feature is important to a luxury product.  Second, it stands out visually as different and special.  

To make it actually possible to open one of these bottles I am working on a device that will score a ring in the "wax" while it is still soft.  The ring should break off easily when the cork is removed.  At least that's the plan...I will have to get a bottle to Steve when the design is complete.

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