Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Silly anti-wine laws

I really think it is just ridiculous how wine (beer & spirits too) is regulated in this country. Prohibition ended 75 years ago, can't we move on at this point?  It is a mess of regulation to get the proper permits to sell wine for each state and that's not enough!  Each county then can decide how to restrict wine being shipped and sold.  Hard to believe we still have counties that are "dry" in the USA.  The fact that Napa County will not allow wineries to serve food is also a stupid thing to do if you want to promote responsible wine consumption.  The latest news that got me started is a stupid New York state law that prohibits a wine shop (illegal to buy wine in a grocery store, of course) from selling wine gift bags.  This poor shop owner gets a $10000 fine for having a bag available to put your wine in.  Just so odd it is hard to believe...

Top 10 stupid wine laws:
10. Required state owned wine stores (good luck finding a good selection) 
9. Utah
8. Dry Counties
7. Bans on buying wine at a food stores (just too convenient)
6. No wine on Sundays
5. No food in Napa wineries (except two grandfathered in)
4. The three tier racket (greedy distributor arm twisting, leagal mobsters)
3. Franchise states (ties into number 4, means you cannot fire your under performing distributor)
2. The stupid argument that these laws exist to protect children

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