Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ratings: Love to hate them

Alder at Vinography got me thinking today, do I really want to get my wine rated?  As a new, super small production winery why do I need great scores to sell my wine?  No, probably not.  Screw the ratings.  I am proud of my wine and I want people to taste it and make their own judgements.  

In an ideal world sure, people would seek out unknown treasures on their own and not pay attention to what the media tells them.  But this is not how the consumer works in a market saturated in wine.  So while my business partner says no, I think yes, lets submit the wine, get the name out there.  And what can happen?  

1. A good review and it helps sell the wine. (here comes the fame and fortune)
2. A bad review and nobody ever will read it.(what review?)
3 No review at all (a la Alder in today's post


Jeff said...

I don't necessarily agree with your Scenario #2. As Alder points out: "bad reviews hang around in the minds of consumers like skeletons in the closet, much longer than they should." But I also don't think you have to consider Scenario #2. At this point in time, Prime is a small fish. So I mean it in the most caring way possible when I say: "No one cares enough to write a bad review about Prime." Only positive things can come from submitting your wine. And we all know it's good... certainly not bad. Put yourself out there. Take a chance. Good luck.

WinemakerTed said...

Thanks Jeff, I agree!