Monday, October 27, 2008

LISTED Rose by Prime Cellars

We have your wine for Turkey Day. We were actually testing out a stuffing recipe and discovered that our LISTED Rose was the perfect compliment. The stuffing received a thumbs up too (recipe link)! What is LISTED Rose you may ask? Well there are some of you that have had the opportunity to try this surprise late addition to our line up, but we will let the rest of you in on the secret. Opportunity knocked and winemaker Ted was able to create this beautiful ripe but dry wine from some juice that came available in late 2007. Full of fresh fruit and fermented till it was dry, those of you who think of Rose as a sweet dessert wine will have to rethink Rose. Not only will this wine taste lovely with dinner it will also bring a splash of color to the table!

At $13/bottle there is still money left over for poker after dinner (or is that just our family?).

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