Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chardonnay- halfway there?

Ok, the first ever Prime Chardonnay is done with primary fermentation.  This is good news, the threat of the dreaded stuck fermentation is over (the Cabernet however is still plugging along- but that's another story).  

This brings up the question: Now What?  Typically in Napa we try and force the poor Chard through malolactic fermentation to get a rounder mouthfeel and tame the acids.  At a recent wedding (congrats Sara&Mike!) I brought this topic up with a fellow guest over a glass of wine.  She actually told me she would "kick my ass" if I put the Chard through malo.  Wow, I guess people have strong opinions about this.  

I was leaning the non-ML direction anyway but the threats of bodily harm have sealed the deal. After all, its all about the fruit, why let the lowly bacteria get the spotlight?

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