Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Getting close!

Our first ever Prime Chardonnay is sitting at 23.1 Brix (fancy way of saying % sugar) with a pH of 3.13.  This means the grapes still have a bit of acid to convert to sugar before they are going to be ready to pick.  I am excited about Chardonnay this year, I have a very good source of Coombsville fruit that also goes to some of Napa's big name wineries as well.  (Will spill said names when properly bribed with enough wine).  The Cabernet up at Midoriya is ahead of the Chardonnay right now at 24.3 Brix but a very low pH of 3.05.  I am going to try to keep that Cab on the vine as long as possible but this years weather is not helping.  I'm hoping for a couple of weeks of nice cool temperatures but we will see what we get...

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