Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tulocay vs. Coombsville

The purpose of an AVA (American Viticulture Area) is to help inform the consumer where the grapes came from that are in a bottle of wine.

The Coombsville area in East Napa is where I source most of my fruit (excellent volcanic soils for Cab)and therefore I support the area becoming an offical Coombsville AVA. The fact that a couple of people almost got the area designated as Tulocay AVA is amazing. This area has always been known as Coombsville. If you ask a local where they live they might say, Browns Valley, Alta Heights or Coombsville but I'm positive nobody would answer "Tulocay". The comments of Aaron Pott who supports the Tulocay name are amusing (and disturbing) see them here. (keep reading till you get to the Redneck part)


Rufus the Cat said...
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Rufus the Cat said...

I always knew you were a redneck Ted....making alcohol and fixing Camaros. Was there ever a doubt? You can take the man out of San Ramon, but you can't take the San Ramon out of the man.

Congrats to all three of you on the new venture. If I can help get you registered in WA, let me know.